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About Data visualization

Data visualization is a form of communication that portrays dense and complex information in graphical form. The resulting visuals are designed to make it easy to compare data and use it to tell a story – both of which can help users in decision making. Data is presented through the means of its visualization, and the visualization represents the medium, a way to explore, present and express meaning of data.


United Nations Bhutan’s Data Visualization training course, in partnership with iTM, will teach the participants ways to effectively visualize the data, using different tools and techniques. Using Excel, PowerPoint and iTM’s Visualization tool will be the basis of this training course, but the use of other software will also be discussed in depth through the training. The participants will learn how to incorporate statistics, design and aesthetics of both the data and the final visualization with reference to their specific field that is Data User, Data Producer, Communication Specialist.


The objective of United Nations Bhutan’s Data Visualization training courses, in partnership with iTM, for Bhutan will be to prepare participants for the use of powerful mediums of visualization to identify trends, patterns and other hidden elements of the data they are working with. Further, the course aims at enhancing the knowledge of the participants in the proper process of creating the visual presentation of their data.


Data visualization can be essential to strategic communication: it helps us interpret available data; detect patterns, trends, and anomalies; make decisions; and analyze inherent processes. All told, it can have a powerful impact on our world.

Training Courses For Data Story Telling

Data User

Government officials having role in decision-making based on evidences.

19-22 OCT 2020
(10h30 – 13h00)

Registration closed

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Data Producer

Those working either in government or other organizations and having statistics and monitoring and evaluation background.

02-05 NOV 2020
(15h00 – 17h30)

Registration closed

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Advocacy and Communications

Those whose role are to communicate messages using right data and its visualization

27-30 OCT 2020
(15h00 – 17h30)

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Story telling through data visualization